Cover Art – Photo Stock

I admit that I love photo stock. Book cover designers do too. Perhaps too much. This lady’s back has inspired a record number of covers.








This group didn’t do anything to alter the photo except to flip it. “Ivy” is about a fictitious Pre-Raphaelite artist and his red-headed model.





Here I can only cringe along with the book publishers.







And finally there are some designs you shouldn’t attempt to recreate. Case in point: “Look Who’s Back” which has won design awards. You can tell exactly who it is at 100 paces. Not one to mess with.

Pre-Raphaelite Cover Art









For book cover designers Pre-Raphaelite paintings are a popular option for classic literature and historical fiction. These examples have nothing to do with the Pre-Raphaelites or their circle but are certainly eye catching. Rossetti gets the lion’s share of covers but Hunt does have this image on pita chips that are quite tasty!pitachips